Oct 182011

The largest and possibly most beautiful of the hawks. These guys are so large there was consideration to reclassify them as eagles. I was thrilled when this guy was hovering over me for a few minutes as he hunted in Yellowstone, in the Hayden Valley.

  10 Responses to “Ferruginous Hawk”

  1. Beautiful in-flight photo of the hawk.

  2. An awesome bird and a really great flight shot!

  3. Wow – what a great bird and a great shot!


  4. Wow! I would be thrilled too! Well done.

  5. Thanks guys. I think ferruginous hawks are particularly beautiful but I dont see them in California much, was happy to get a close look when this guy was hovering right over me in Yellowstone.

  6. Classic picture. They are awesome. You raise an interesting question. What is the difference between hawks and eagles. Hmmm. Google, here I come!

  7. Beautiful photo!

  8. What a wonderful capture of this beautiful bird!

  9. Awesome shot ! This bird is not named Buteo regalis for nothing! I consider it the most regal of all Buteos!

    As far as the difference between the hawks and eagles Dave? According to Roger Tory Peterson, “Eagles are distinguished from buteos, to which they are related, by their greater size and proportionately longer wings.”

  10. Breathtaking capture!

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