Jul 292011

Topaz and Interpretive Programs Keeper Jarl Rasmussen teaching the public. A bird who cannot survive on her own in the wild helps teach people to care about and protect her wild brethren, and gets some primo free raw mouse organs in the bargain.

Jul 292011

Was shooting something else when I saw something big coming out of the corner of my eye, swung around and squeezed off a few shots. Only realized afterwards that it had been an impressively large golden eagle.

Name: Golden Eagle, Aquila Chrysaetos

Range: Europe, Asia, North America, parts of Africa

Prey: Small or large mammals, even deer and mountain goat, domestic cats, foxes, birds

Speed: Dives up to 150 mph.

Length: up to 2 ft 9 in.

Wingspan:  6 to 7 feet

Weight: 7 to 13 lb.